Interviews, workshops and talks

Interactive Storytelling Workshop @ Play17, Hamburg – Autumn 2017
We also plan to do more workshops in 2017 outside the Hamburg Play Festival –
Dates and info will follow soon!


PLAY16, Hamburg 2016 “Interactive Storytelling” with my co-host author Aljoscha Jelinek

PLAY15, Hamburg 2015 “Interactive Storytelling” with my co-host author Aljoscha Jelinek


PLAY16, Hamburg 2016: “Exclusive Preview for “The Pillars of the Earth””
INDIE TREFF Hamburg 2016: “Lessons Learned: 10 years of adventure games”
PLAY15, Hamburg 2015: Discussion “Geschichten spielen, Geschichten erzählen. Literatur und digitale Spiele”
PLAY14, Hamburg 2014: Discussion “What makes a good game?”
CLASH OF REALITIES Cologne, 2014: Talk “Exploring Narration – Storytelling in Games”
FILMFEST MUNICH 2013: Talk “Games and Storytelling”
SCREAMSCHOOL Moscow, April, 2013: Masterclass “Lessons Learned from Night of the Rabbit”
KIEV, April, 2013: Masterclass “Lessons Learned from Night of the Rabbit”


December 2015, Interview in German with Uke Bosse on adapting “The Pillars of the Earth” as a game

February 2015, freezing cold video interview at night with Gamereactor about the game version of “The Pillars of the Earth”

March 2014, an interview with a box, seemingly. This was actually a written discussion with game students, that ended up becoming an interview. This is about choices in games – and the illusion of choice. Featuring a much too large picture of me.

October 2013, an interview in German with Tobias Unterhuber for “Paidia” – an online journal for the scientific study of games.We talk about how games can be compared to texts and movies and how storytelling in games changed in the last decades.

July 2013, interview about “The Night of the Rabbit” and games with Kevin McLennan from “The Reticule”.

May 2013, 10 answers for 10 questions (mostly on “The Night of the Rabbit”) from the community over at

May 2013, podcast: This is my Joystick! Episode 10 – Neil Hickton interviewed me about game making and the story and reception of “The Night of the Rabbit”. My bit starts at around 55 minutes into the podcast.

May 2013, a video recording of my Master Class on making “The Night of the Rabbit”. This took place the scream school in Moscow (english with russian live translation).

August 2012, interview with Jack Allin from “Adventure Gamers” about “Night of the Rabbit” and how we ended up making the game.

June 2011: interview in German with Tobias Maack from “Adventure Corner” about “WMYT: A Stitch in Time”

March 2010: interview with author David Steffen from “Diabolical Plots” about my work on “What Makes You Tick” and its sequel which we were still working on at the time.