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183092_1890506946470_1355374302_32159014_7141671_nMy name is Matt. I’m a game designer , author and 2D artist. I started out as an indie developer and am now creating games full time. So far I have written and designed three adventure games: “What Makes You Tick” (2007) (an adventure game short story), followed by the full-length sequel “What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time” (2010) and the fairytale journey “The Night of the Rabbit” (2013). Right now I am working on a game adaptation for Ken Follett’s novel “The Pillars of the Earth” (2017). I am leading the project with my co-author and game designer Kevin Mentz at Daedalic Entertainment.

At Daedalic I have also worked on other projects as author and game designer. I worked on a number of game pitches and supported productions as co-producer, voice director and consultant.


Our first two adventure games (The “What Makes You Tick” series) are now available fully voiced and for free (click here)! Sebastian Kempke’s great poster artwork can be ordered as a print or download. Drop me a line on twitter if you’re interested.

Video! Check out this preview footage for “The Pillars of the Earth” (2017) from november 2015:

If you’re interest in connecting with me, go right ahead! You can find my resume over at LinkedIn.com. See you around!

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